Picture Credit: Twitter

Recently, India men’s cricket team coach Rahul Dravid was seen at former India player Gundpa R Vishwanath’s book launch in Bangalore. As pictures from the event went on the internet, people praised Dravid for his humble demeanour and talked about his timeless class that has been evident both on and off the field. 

A Twitter user called @vinaykashy wrote about the event and talked about how Dravid like a normal person entered and found a seat in the back row. The India coach was then seen interacting with eminent historian Ramchandra Guha. 

The Twitter thread said, “I am gonna narrate what me and @sleepyhead148 experienced yesterday at @bookworm_Kris, Rahul Dravid the greatest Number 3 batsman India has ever had, walked into an event where another India great GR Vishwanath was talking about his book,”

“He walked in alone with a mask on, greeted Ram Guha which is when me and Sameer realized it was indeed Rahul Dravid, he happily sat in the last row without any fuss so much so that the girl sitting next to him didn't even realize who she was sitting with.”

“He reluctantly came and sat in the first row after GRV asked him to towards the end of the event! He said sorry when he couldn't get his autograph right because people wouldn't let him stand properly! (he signed about 50books standing). He finally told people to talk to GRV instead of talking to him because it was an event to celebrate GRV! How can a person who has lead Indian cricket team to so many glories be so humble and down to earth!”

Reacting to this thread, the netizens complimented and praised the Wall. Check out some of the tweets here: