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Tyson Fury made ₹24 lakh per second in his heavyweight bout against Dillian Whyte

The 33-year-old hit 76 punches in total and earned $442,100 (£344,300) per punch.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 25 April 2022 5:10 pm

British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury retained his WBC heavyweight against fellow Britisher pugilist Dillian Whyte in six rounds at the Wembley Stadium. The Gypsy King after the fight also declared that he will hang up his boots after an unbeaten record of 33-0. But Fury ensured that he will be financially secured for the next stage of his life as he bagged a huge sum of prize money in his final fight. 

British promoter, Frank Warren won the rights to promote the fight in January with a bid of $41million (£32million) in the WBC purse bids. As per the contract, 10 per cent of this was kept aside as a $4.1million (£3.2million) winner’s bonus, while the rest was split 80/20 between the two brawlers.

Tyson Fury’s base purse was $29.5million (£23million) while Dillian Whyte’s base purse was $7.4million (£5.8million). But as the Gypsy King won the bout, he received the winner’s bonus taking his prize money to $33.6million (£26.2million).

As the fight lasted only six rounds, Fury made $5.6million (£4.4million) per round and $1.9million (£1.5million) per minute. In fact, Fury was paid $31,100 (£24,200) per second in the fight. The 33-year-old hit 76 punches in total and earned $442,100 (£344,300) per punch.

“I will not rule out exhibitions for sure,” Fury 

As the Gypsy King draws the curtain over an illustrious career, he hasn’t left out the possibility of fighting in some exhibition bouts. He also hinted at facing UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou or competing in the WWE. 

He said, “I definitely think so (that he will retire). I will not rule out exhibitions for sure, Big Francis Ngannou was here today, he’s on my hit list in an exhibition fight, either in a cage, in a boxing ring, boxing gloves, UFC gloves, we can make it happen.”

“He’s a monster of a guy, I’m a monster of a guy, so that will be a Clash of the Titans for sure.”

“You might see me at SummerSlam coming up soon. I’ve got to speak to (WWE CEO) Vince (McMahon) and the boys, maybe make this happen,” he said. “I know there’s (wrestler) Drew McIntyre who has been saying a lot of things about me, I have to knock him out like I did his pal.”


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