UFC 264: Michael Chandler edges in favor Conor McGregor over Dustin Poirier

The winner of this bout is expected to face the former Bellator Lightweight champion, Michael Chandler.

Yakshpat BhargavaAuthor

Updated - 29 June 2021 06:12 PM


The much-awaited trilogy fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier is all set to headline at UFC 264 on July 10. While the winner of that bout is expected to face the former Bellator Lightweight champion, Michael Chandler. Only if the latter is able to get past Charles Oliviera for the Lightweight Championship fight at UFC 262. 

Ahead of the McGregor vs Poirier III clash, Chandley makes his pick by opting in favor of ‘The Notorious One’. Chandler believes McGregor could get into the head of Poirier with his mind games and can manipulate the American fighter to enter the octagon in a much more aggressive manner. 

Michael Chandler picks Conor McGregor over Dustin Poirier 

In a conversation with Adam Catterall on BT Sports, Chandler said, "I think Conor has the slight edge because you always got to give the edge to Conor, especially if he comes out with the 'no more Mr. Nice guy' attitude. Conor can get into Poirier's head a little bit. But it all remains to be seen. Either way I'm gonna take my competitor hat off, put my fan hat on and be sitting there cage side watching both of them. And then jump up into the cage and call someone out."

Although Chandler clearly stated that there is no clear winner and praised Poirier for being one of the most ruthless and skilled fighters in the 155lb division.  

“But I also believe Dustin Poirier is one of the most skilled and toughest guys in the division. Although they have both been finished by each other, they both have great chins; they both have great striking, great shot decisions, picking their striking shots,” Michael Chandler added.

The former Bellator lightweight champion concluded by saying that both are evenly matched. “Mentally and physically from a tactical standpoint Dustin Poirier obviously had to win last time. But you still got the win that Conor McGregor had. Both of them knocked each other out, so they both have that going for each of them,” concluded Chandler.


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