Unmukt Chand reveals when did he decide to retire from Indian cricket

Picture Credit: Getty Images

Though it has been more than a week to the incident, Unmukt Chand's retirement from Indian cricket is still one of most discussed topics. The batsman, who was once hailed as the next cricketing sensation of the country, put an abrupt end to his career in Indian cricket. His decision not only shocked the fans but also raised questions on the domestic cricket of India, which according to Unmukt didn't perform its duties well.

Unmukt had captained the Indian U-19 team in 2012 and led the side to World Cup triumph in Australia. However, things kept falling apart for him slowly and gradually since then. After the player shared a heartfelt note on social media about he hanging his boots from the Indian cricket, Minor League Cricket’s Silicon Valley Strikers revealed that he would be joining them. The speculations of Unmukt moving to a different country to play cricket were always there, especially when he moved to USA around 3 months back. However, in a recent media interaction, the player revealed the exact time when he actually decided to call time on his career in India.

I wanted to first see how things are in the US: Unmukt Chand

Unmukt said that first he wanted to see the quality of cricket USA can offer and then decide his future. The 28-year-old revealed that after touring around the country and playing a few games there, he eventually decided to play in the nation.

"The reasons of coming to the US, when I came three months back, I had come with a very open mind. Obviously I had the offer, but you know, I wanted to first see how things are in the US. Because I wanted to see the ground reality of what’s happening in the US, what are the prospects, how things are going. So I came here, I sort of toured around the country, I played few games here and there, visited couple of States," said Unmukt as quoted by Sportskeeda.

"And then once I had a proper understanding of the cricket in the US, I saw there is good opportunity, then eventually I came to a conclusion," he added.