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US judge dismisses rape lawsuit against football star Cristiano Ronaldo

Kathryn Mayorga met Cristiano Ronaldo in Las Vegas in 2009.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 12 June 2022 11:42 am

Cristiano Ronaldo

Nevada woman has lost her case against Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo in a US court as she asked for millions of dollars more than $375,000 in hush money she received after claiming he raped her in Las Vegas in 2009.

The US district judge in Las Vegas, Jennifer Dorsey, ruled out the case on Friday for reprimanding the woman’s attorney, Leslie Mark Stovall, as she dealt with the matter in “bad-faith conduct”. The judge talked about how Stovall used leaked and stolen documents regarding the discussions between Cristiano Ronaldo and his lawyers.

“I find that the procurement and continued use of these documents was bad faith, and simply disqualifying Stovall will not cure the prejudice to Cristiano Ronaldo because the misappropriated documents and their confidential contents have been woven into the very fabric of [plaintiff Kathryn] Mayorga’s claims,” the ruling said. 

Dorsey had hinted toward ending the case earlier this year as Stovall failed to meet a procedural deadline in his bid for more than $25 million in damages. This bid was based on the allegations that Cristiano Ronaldo or his associates violated a 2010 confidentiality agreement by allowing European publications to report on the issue in 2017. 

Kathryn Mayorga’s civil lawsuit was filed in 2018 in state court which then moved to the federal court in 2019. Here the case alleged that Ronaldo or his associates violated the confidentiality agreement before Germany’s Der Spiegel published a story called “Cristiano Ronaldo’s Secret” based on “whistleblower portal Football Leaks.”

Mayorga is a former model and teacher who has been residing in the Las Vegas area. According to her lawsuit, she met Cristiano Ronaldo at a nightclub and went with him and other people to his hotel suite, where she claimed she was assaulted in the bedroom. She was aged 25 at the time, while Ronaldo was 24.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s legal team does not dispute Ronaldo met Mayorga and they had sexual intercourse in June 2009 but asserted it was consensual and not rape. Mayorga then went to Las Vegas police at the time, but the investigation was dropped because she could neither identify her alleged attacker by name nor said where the incident took place as per the police and prosecutors.


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