Sohail Tanvir on Virat Kohli'


It is an open secret that an India vs Pakistan game puts a lot of pressure on those involved, especially the players of both the sides. Given that the last bilateral series between the arch-rivals took place way back in January 2013, ICC events are the only junction where the two sides have faced each other in the past 9 years. This has further hyped the importance of the tussle between the sides as they barely play against each other.

Ever since the schedule of T20 World Cup 2021 was announced, the fans from both the sides kept waiting for October 24- the day when India are slated play against Pakistan at the marquee event. With everyone awaiting the clash with so much excitement, the buzz for the game was evident. Media started revising the records and stats of the contests between the two sides and players were also asked several questions regarding the same. Notably, when India skipper Virat Kohli was questioned if it feels different when India face Pakistan, he had said, "I honestly never felt so," and added that he approaches the contest as "just another game of cricket".

There's definitely pressure on the players: Tanvir

After a week since the Indian captain Virat Kohli's remark for the clash against Pakistan, former Pakistan pacer Sohail Tanvir has claimed that Kohli must be feeling the pressure. He added that Kohli is giving such statements just to distract himself.

“It's a big match. India vs Pakistan is always a high-voltage game which adds to the hype of the tournament. There's definitely pressure on the players, whether they admit it or not -- both, as an individual and as a team... Virat Kohli, with his statements in the press conference, is trying to distract himself from that pressure but he must be feeling it nonetheless," Tanvir opined while speaking to Pakistani news outlet Geo TV.

While Tanvir admitted that India look a stronger team on paper, he asserted that it would create extra pressure on the Men in Blue. "There's a burden of expectations and India, on paper, are a better team and so they will have that added pressure," he said.