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Virat Kohli will bounce back into form as legends do: Ex-India pacer Pankaj Singh in exclusive interview with SportsTiger

Singh talked about his new sports academy and shared his insights on perhaps the most discussed and talked topic in Indian cricket- the form of Virat Kohli.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Published on - 22 July 2022 5:57 pm

Cricket continues to dominate the Indian sports ecosystem with players from all over the country striving for the elusive India cap. Similarly, the sport has taken countless leaps and has been a crucial part of the country’s social aspect. In this dynamic development, several individuals have stepped up to help youngsters who hope to play cricket at the highest level. 

One such person is Former India and Rajasthan cricketer, Pankaj Singh, who has started a new academy for budding cricketers from across the country in Jaipur. So while speaking in an exclusive interview with SportsTiger, Singh opened up about his new project and answered questions about the Indian cricket team. 

Singh spoke on various topics suggesting how the new academy is a private enterprise, unlike another project where he is working with the government. In this academy, players are provided with a residential space along with a proper ground for matches. The former pacer talked about how the kids staying in these residential spaces will be given proper nutrition as this allows the holistic growth of the players. 

Pankaj was then asked about the struggles faced by former India captain Virat Kohli who has failed to score a century in close to 80 innings. He stated how Virat is one of the best players in the world and hence the world is constantly talking about him and his form. But Singh believes that every cricketer has a phase in his/her career where they can’t deliver the expected results.

Similarly, he feels fans are used to seeing players like Virat Kohli scoring big runs on a consistent basis and hence tend to forget about the other side of the sport. Hence when he starts scoring runs again, Kohli will regain his throne at the top and cement his legacy. 

The 37-year-old then talked about whether taking a break from international cricket may help someone like Virat Kohli to get back into form. He addressed how the decision to take a break is a personal choice and if this helps Kohli to mind mental peace then he should take it and come back stronger. 

To conclude the interview, Pankaj was asked about the increased injuries we tend to see on the cricketing circuits especially to fast bowlers. Here the former India player pointed out how the human body isn’t used to fast bowling and hence the chance of injuries is heightened. But with a bigger pool of pacers around the national team and improved facilities by the BCCI will help in managing the workload and injuries of the current crop of fast bowlers. 


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