WATCH: 5 hilarious MS Dhoni comments caught on stump mics that left fans in splits

Let's look at the top 5 moments when MS was caught on the stump mic while giving directions to his players in a fun way.

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Updated - 09 May 2021 11:32 PM

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MS Dhoni is also recognised by the name 'Captain Cool'. The man keeps his composure in the toughest of the situation. No matter what the position of the match is, he never stops fighting to win. Dhoni is the only captain to win all three ICC major tournaments. He captained the Indian side in 332 matches across all formats and the only wicketkeeper captain to lead over 100 games.

As the number suggests, the veteran has immense experience in international cricket. He has been involved in many humorous moments throughout his long journey in cricket while guiding his bowlers and fielders. MS is one of the best readers of the game who loves to back his players and knows how to get the best out of them. 

Let's look at the top 5 moments when MS was caught on the stump mic while giving directions to his players in a fun way.

1. MS Dhoni does not set the fielder to just clap

When India played New Zealand in Wellington in 2014. Ravindra Jadeja was bowling to BJ Watling, who was playing good and was having a good partnership with Brendon McCullum. At that very moment, Dhoni said, "ek ghumega toh idhar Pujara ko ussi ke liye rakha hai, who udhar taali bajane ke liye nahi hai" meaning "if ball turns, Pujara is there, he is not standing just to clap".

2. Does MS has the power to identify where your friend is?

During the first Test against India in Ahmedabad, New Zealand came out on top with a score of 391/5. The bowler was Pragyan Ojha, and the batsman was Kane Williamson.

While giving the fielding directions to fast bowler Sreesanth, Dhoni said, " Oye Sree girlfriend nahi hai udhar, idhar aaja thoda", which means " Sree your girlfriend is not standing there, move a little here".

3. Will any captain ever say to a bowler, "go for a six"?

Even the 3rd moment is against the team New Zealand. And Jadeja was involved again. It was an ODI match when Dhoni said from behind," ek ball dheemi daal aur chakka khake dikha", in translation "bowl a little slower and show me how it goes for a six".

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4. Did you know Dhoni can predict a catch?

In a match against Australia, India was just one wicket away to win the game. While guiding his players and fielders, Dhoni shouted," Idhar tayyar rehna boht zor ka catch aayega, badme mat bolna, chalo ladko ek wicket ki baat hai". By this statement, he meant "be ready for the flashing catch, don't tell me later I was not ready, cmon boys it's only the matter of one wicket".

5. Batsman or Volleyball?

Raina and Dhoni are two very good friends on & off the field. In a match played against Australia, they were both involved in a funny incident when Dhoni gave his bowling instructions. He said, "iska paav dekh kaise hil raha hai, uske hisab se kara, Volleyball ki tarah khada hua hai crease pe".

Here Dhoni was trying to direct Raina to look at moving feet of batsman and bowl according to it. He also added that the batter is standing like a volleyball in front of the stumps, covering them.


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