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WATCH: 52-year-old Polish actor replaces son for MMA fight; gets disqualified for cage grabbing and biting his opponent

The fighter was booed by fans in Gdansk for his unacceptable actions during the bout. 

Rohan Gulaty Author

Updated - 27 November 2021 10:02 am

The world of sports often witnesses some bizarre incidents nowadays but the sequence of events during the recent MMA event turned out to be absolutely outrageous. It all started when Mateusz Muranski, who was scheduled to fight Arkadiusz Tancula at Fame MMA 12 last weekend in Poland, could not turn up for the match as he was unable to compete.

It was notably a re-match between the two fighters, having clashed against each other way back in May when Muranski had lost his debut contest via unanimous decision. With tickets sold out for the re-match few months later, it looked like fans would be left disappointed with no fight taking place. However, under shocking circumstances, 52-year-old Polish actor Jacek Muranski, decided to replace his son for the bout against Tancula.

Bizarre sequence of events during the strange fight

It was not a typical MMA cage for the event. Instead, it had a 9ft x 9ft cage and there were 5 two-minute rounds announced for the match. As expected, it was Tancula who dominated the bout as he handed the 52-year-old with some nasty blows.

Jacek Muranski was bruised, injured and had some blood on his face as the bout entered the round 3. But this is when a shocking sequence of events unfolded. As Muranski was struggling to free himself from the hold of his opponent, he decided to bite Tancula on few occasions before the referee stopped him.

He got a stern warning but when he was caught grabbing the cage during early part of Round 4, the referee had no choice but to disqualify him from the fight. Tancula was announced as the winner of the bout with Muranski disqualified for his actions in round 3 and 4.

Watch the video here:

Tancula left the cage soon after taking his MMA career tally to 4-1. On the other hand, Muranski was left injured and needed a shoulder sling after the fight. While he tried to give a post-fight interview, the 52-year-old was also booed by fans in Gdansk for his unacceptable actions during the bout.


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