While Golf is in itself a sport full of challenges, even the best of players would not want to be distracted a bit while teeing off. However, what happened at the Arundel Hills on the Gold Coast recently when Amateur golfer Wendy Powick was about to tee off has resulted in a video that is trending all across social media.

Notably, not one or two but in fact, a large troop of Kangaroos interrupted Powick's game, stayed there for a while before moving on to what they were doing and left their human friend alone to complete the match play.

"I was standing at the 11th tee and all of a sudden, all of these kangaroos just came straight towards me. There’s a lot of them at this course. Usually, they stick to the sides and watch you play," she told 7NEWS.

"But this was very unusual occurrence," she added.

Here is the video of her meet with the Kangaroos shared by Sky Sports:

There were so many Kangaroos that it was virtually impossible for the golfer to go ahead with her drive. However, their kind consideration in letting her complete her match as they went off made it not that unpleasant a memory for the golfer.

"I think they came up and then realised I was there and thought, 'Oh, we better take off'," Powick explained the turn of events.

A lot of courses around the world where you have to worry about bears: Powick 

Powick further said how it is the Kangaroos who have got control of the golf course. She added that it was actually their home and hence the human have to work around the animal kingdom and sometimes even have to wait.

Yet she refused to complain and outlined how there are several other courses around the world where people have to worry about bears, pointing to the fact that Kangaroos are obviously friendlier beings.

"They’ve got control of this course. This is their home and we have to work around them. We have to wait," she stated

"We’re lucky in Australia. There’s a lot of courses around the world where you have to worry about bears," she added.