As Atletico Madrid drew against Sevilla in their last home game of the season, they bid adieu to Luis Suarez and Hector Herrera who will leave the team at the end of the season. Both players were part of the 2020-21 Atletico team where they won the La Liga title. 

Luis Suarez has been a great player for the Los Colchonero as he scored 34 goals in 81 games. In the title-winning season, he has scored 21 goals in 32 league games. Addressing his departure, Club President Enrique Cerezo complimented the Uruguayan’s impact on the club.

Cerezo said, “Luis Suarez is a magnificent player and a great person. He deserves everything in this club and will always have a very prominent place. In the museum and in any part of this stadium, Luis Suarez will have a very prominent part. We will have great memories of him. He has been a magnificent player, he has been one of those who has achieved a Liga.”

Atletico coach Diego Simeone also talked about Suarez’s departure and addressed that he could have left the team earlier this season. He said, “I had a chat with Luis in November, in the middle of it. A long chat, hard, honest, where both sides could speak about what they saw ahead and in the present and what was necessary to compete and what was necessary from him.”

“From that chat until today, each from their position respected everything we discussed and that doesn’t happen often. For that reason, I am grateful to Luis Suarez because the past season he was tremendous and this one he continues to be our goalscorer. He will play tomorrow and to the people that behave like Luis, I always say ‘chapeau’”, he concluded.