WATCH: Batsman throws bat towards his partner after getting run-out in a hilarious incident

Although it was unintentional, it could have actually resulted in a serious injury to the batsman. Luckily, no harm was done!

Rohan GulatyAuthor

Updated - 19 September 2021 10:01 PM


Getting run-out in a cricket match is probably one of the most unfortunate ways of getting dismissed. No one likes to see his/her innings come to an end in this way, especially when the other batter is at fault. We have often seen players losing their cool on their batting partners after run-outs as they often exchange heated arguments on the cricket field itself.

However, things escalated to a completely different level altogether in a local cricket game recently. In a video that is currently doing the rounds on social media, an extremely hilarious incident was witnessed after one of the batsmen got run out. While the dismissal was already funny, it was the sequence of the events that followed post it which actually made the video go viral on social media.

Mix-up between the wickets result in run-out

It all started in a local cricket match when the team named Mamba had an extremely steady start to their innings, with the score reading 38/0 in 4.1 overs. This is when Adam Ladak, who had only played 4 balls, played a shot towards the mid-off region. He ran for a single and received a positive response from his partner at the other end, M Evans.

However, Ladak changed his mind after seeing the ball going straight towards the fielder. Unfortunately, it was too late for Evans to go back as he was already in the middle of the pitch. The throw came and hit the stumps directly at the non-striker's end and Evans was nowhere in the picture and was dismissed at a score of 12.

A scary incident which ended in laughter

Evans was undoubtedly upset about his dismissal as he looked towards his partner in anguish. As he set off to make his way back to the pavilion, he seemed to have been instigated looking at the reaction of the wicketkeeper who was celebrating wildly.

In anger, Evans swung his bat but lost control of the same as it went on to hit his batting partner, Ladak. Fortunately, not much damage was done as Ladak had evaded at the last moment, luckily preventing it from hitting his face.

Watch the video here:

It was absolutely unintentional from Evans as he went on to check his partner as soon as the bat hit him. There was no harm done as it eventually turned out to be a hilarious incident only with the opposition players and even the umpire having a nice laugh.


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