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Cricket is a game that is played across the globe by many countries. The game is still evolving and fans get to see a new thing every day. The game has become fast-paced with the introduction of T20 Leagues. With batters trying hard to capitalize on any opportunity coming their way, they find new ways to get dismissed.

The same happened in a domestic game in Zimbabwe where the batter got dismissed even after hitting the ball firmly. In a video going viral on the internet, a batter is seen pulling the bowler for a maximum but also hitting his stumps on his follow-through.

The batter unknowingly hits the stumps after completing his shot and the bails come off. He looks utterly surprised seeing the bails falling off and also looks helpless while the opposition team appeals to the umpires for a hit wicket dismissal.

Watch the video here:

Was the batter out?

According to Law 35 of the Laws of Cricket, a batsman can be dismissed by the Hit Wicket method if he/she touches the bails or knocks the stumps while attempting to hit the ball. In simpler terms, the striker will be considered out Hit Wicket if the ball is in play and the wicket is struck down by his/her bat.

In this video, it is not clear if the ball has crossed the ropes and if it is still in the play or not, so, a verdict on whether the batter was out or not cannot be given. However, as per the expression of the fielders, it seems the ball is still in play. Under those conditions, the batter would be given out considering he has caused the bails to fall off the stumps.