IPL-WEB-124 (1)

Picture Credit: Twitter

In what was a humdinger of a match, the Royal Challengers Bangalore finally registered a win by 3 wickets with 4 balls remaining. Although both sides had their chances in the match, eventually it was up to Dinesh Karthik and Harshal Patel to finish and they did not disappoint, helping Bangalore to their first win of the season.

However, Kolkata had their moment to get rid of Karthik, who eventually remained unbeaten on 14 from 7 balls with a strike of 200, in the second ball of the penultimate over of the match. Venkatesh Iyer was the bowler and there were 16 runs needed for RCB to win the match from 11 balls with 3 wickets in the bag.

However, DK survived. The wicketkeeper-batter was looking to play a stroke through the point region but both batters ended up on the same end. However, Umesh Yadav the fielder, who did well to collect the ball, put in a wayward throw which allowed the Bangalore batters to complete a single. Had he thrown towards the bowler's end, there was surely a wicket for the taking.

The video of the chaotic run is here:

Later, Harshal scored two boundaries in the same over before Karthik hit a six in the first ball of the final over which acted as the final nail in the coffin. Karthik later ended the formalities with a boundary to seal the deal for Bangalore as they completed their chase of 128 successfully.