Eid web ST

Picture Credit: Twitter

In the latest development, Blackburn Rovers has become the first Football Club in the United Kingdom to organize the Eid prayers, to mark the end of Ramadan. Around 2,000 people gathered in the stadium.

Both men and women reached Ewood Park at around 8:30 am with their prayer mats for this auspicious occasion. Extra plastic sheeting had to be put into action, as more than expected people arrived in the arena. The Blackburn Rovers posted the video, and captioned it, “Eid Mubarak from everyone at Blackburn Rovers.”

Yasir Sufi, integration manager of Blackburn Rovers Club, said, "We live and breathe, one town, one club, one community. An event like this shows this better than anything else. It shows that we are all one, no matter who you are or what your identity is, the football club is somewhere where you belong."

The Imam Wasim Kempson led the gathering and gave an interview to Sky Sports. He said, “We are very grateful for Blackburn Rovers to open their doors, literally, for us to pray on the pitch. It shows the engagement of the local community with the club. It is an example for all clubs around the country.”

Kempson further reckoned that it is a good practice according to Islam, to celebrate this occasion outside of Mosque. Hence, the community was on the lookout for a suitable place, and the stadium served as a good venue.

Coming on to the game, the Blackburn Rovers team lost their last fixture 3-0 to Bournemouth. Currently, they are at 9th position with 18 wins in 45 appearances in the 2021/22 season. In their next game, they will be up against the challenge of Birmingham and would look to get back on track.