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WATCH: Clippers’ Norman Powell gets harassed by a white woman claiming herself to be black; later gets arrested

Notably, the LA Clippers acquired Powell for the next season ahead of the trade window.

Ritesh Pathak Author

Updated - 25 May 2022 4:16 pm

Los Angeles Clippers’ forward Norman Powell got involved in a strange incident while he was working out in the gym. The American basketball player was confronted by a woman who claimed that Powell was not American. The woman also claimed that she was a slave and that she is “black” because her name is “Howard.”

The whole incident of the woman yelling nonsense at Powell was recorded as the player went live on Instagram as soon as she started talking. Even in the video, Powell is heard asking how she decided he was not American and how was she a slave.

“This girl is a crazy bro. She came earlier talking noise. I don’t know why she came back talking crazy, saying we’re not American, which is pretty crazy to me,” Powell explained to his followers. He then asked the woman “How am I not American? I was born and raised here. My descendants are from Africa, yes, but I am an American. I was born here.”

The matter got so much out of control that the Las Vegas Police had to be called. Powell explained in the video that he had already called the police. He also talked about what happened before he decided to go live.

“She came here the first time and was saying she got in a fight,” Powell said during the live stream. “We told her to leave out the back. She left, she was gone for about 15-20 minutes, came back, staying in the gym calling us un-American, saying we need to go back, calling us p***y, a whole bunch of s**t.”

The woman kept acting strange even when she was arrested by the police. In fact, Norman said that the woman yelled “I can’t breathe” while police had her pressed against the squad car.

Notably, Norman Powell will be playing for the Clippers in the next NBA season as well.


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