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Being competitive in sport is crucial as it helps an individual or a team to give extra on the field. However, being too competitive can have negative consequences. Something similar happened when a Spanish football club’s coach went too far to ensure his team didn’t end up as a losing side.

The incident happened in Madrid’s regional league as an assistant manager received a red card for entering the pitch to stop a counter-attack.

Villanueva del Pardillo and Colmenar Viejo were at 1-1 when the hosts went on the break following a missed chance from a corner in the 89th minute.

The team then started a counter-attack and were on their way towards Viejo’s goal but the attack was halted as Viejo's assistant manager deliberately ran onto the pitch and tackled the player.

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He was then angrily confronted by Villanueva players. A brief brawl broke out between the two teams and the assistant coach was sent off for unsporting behaviour.

The game eventually ended at 1-1, with Villanueva in sixth place in the league and Viejo in ninth.