WATCH: Dr Disrespect is back sniping in Battlefield 4, carries his side to an emphatic victory

The 39-year-old old had a difficult start to his game as he took some time to finalize get into the zone.

Rohan GulatyAuthor

Updated - 22 June 2021 12:28 AM


Since the next edition of Battlefield (Battlefield 2042) has been announced, the fans have gone crazy as they just can't wait for the highly advanced version of the first-person shooter game. EA DICE are set to launch the game on October 22 this year as the gamers have already started the countdown. Among the ones extremely excited for the game, there is famous streamer Dr Disrespect also whose love for sniping in first-person shooter game is widely known to everyone.

The same was on display once again when he was recently seen playing with a sniper rifle in Battlefield 4 to get back in groove ahead of the release of Battlefield 2042.

Dr Disrespect warms up for Battlefield 2042

The 39-year-old had a difficult start to his game as he took some time to finalize and get into the zone. As he spotted the enemies, he soon started a killer sequence of events where he landed snipes one after the another which also included some incredible blows from moving vehicle. Dr Disrespect was certainly enjoying his time sniping in Battlefield 4 as he led his side to an emphatic victory with score of 731-0.

Watch the video here:

The American had to unfortunately quit the game due to constant glitches and poor audio quality in the game. However, he would be delighted to not face these kind of issues with Battlefield 2042 as the next edition is expected to have better mechanics and everything updated where these small glitches won't hamper the gaming experience. Instead, it will be enhanced with some new and exciting additions in the game.


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