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WATCH: EA and Codemasters reveal teaser for F1 2022 game

The game's easy-to-approach and variety of available tracks made it one of the most popular sim-cade games last year.

Aakash Srivastava Author

Published on - 22 April 2022 3:06 pm

The teaser for EA and Codemaster’s upcoming F1 2022 game has been revealed as the game is set to be launched on July 1, 2022. However, the game is already available for pre-order through various platforms. The game’s easy-to-approach and variety of available tracks made it one of the most popular sim-cade games last year, due to which its popularity sky-rocketed.

As per reports, EA and Codemasters have promised to enhance the game by introducing an all-new handling model to compensate for the real-life aerodynamic changes the sport has made to its cars. Notably, F1 eSports championships are held on the official games, providing prominence to talented sim-racers such as two-time eSports world champion Jarno Opmeer and Lucas Bakeley.

The updated version has promised a new handling model, customizable safety car deployment, and an improved My Team mode; the new addition to the game is the ‘F1 Life’ mode, which lets players unlock and show off supercars.’

Top-notch racers such as Max Verstappen, Lando Norris and George Russel have also played the highly-popular 2021 game, which came out in the middle of the previous season. In an interview with CarNext, Max Verstappen claimed that sim racing has helped him set up his real-life F1 racecards.

He also talked about his hobby, saying, “It keeps me ready to go because I am spending a lot of time also on the setup. I am not racing a Formula 1 car on the simulator, but it’s like GT cards, so it’s also a different driving technique. I keep testing myself, especially these sim drivers.. they are so quick.”

The simulation world has influenced the prospect of racing, with world champions such as Verstappen endorsing it heavily. The Belgian-Dutch racing driver and 2021 Formula One World Champion also hailed the speed sim racers despite having no on-track experience.


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