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WATCH: Fans chant “Cristiano sex offender” during Manchester United’s shock defeat to Aston Villa in Premier League

Ronaldo's legal team had already acknowledged that he paid $375,000 to settle the sexual assault claim.

Saurabh Ganguly Editor

Updated - 25 September 2021 11:01 pm

While in one moment Manchester United show glimpses of regaining their past glory, in another they seem to lose it all. Their defeat against Aston Villa on Saturday was surely the latter case. The Red Devils haven’t had an ideal start to the season and have dropped five points in the Premier League already, are out of competition and have made a losing start to another. These are surely not the good omen for United who had brought in their yesteryear hero Cristiano Ronaldo thinking with him would come the good old day of the club return.

Even the fans took had a rather cheeky chant for Ronaldo during the match. As the 36-year-old failed to score and was not given the chance to take the spot-kick either, which Bruno Fernandes missed during the match, fans started to chant “Cristiano sex offender.” The video of a packed Old Trafford chanting it is doing the rounds on the internet.

Check out the video of the chant here:

Notably, Ronaldo has been accused of a sexual assault against American model Kathryn Mayorga in the past. The footballing superstar, had in fact, himself signed a witness statement which said that he had persisted and made sexual contact with Mayorga despite her saying saying “no” multiple times. The incident dates back to 2009 and is conveniently forgotten among his list of achievements on the pitch.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo’s legal team had already acknowledged that he paid $375,000 to settle the sexual assault claim.

“The [agreement] made clear Mr. Ronaldo disputed [Mayorga’s] allegations and in no way conceded she was injured. On the contrary, the [agreement] stated in no uncertain terms that Mr. Ronaldo was agreeing to pay [Mayorga] a sum of money in order to maintain the confidentiality of their dispute,” a portion of Ronaldo’s read.

This isn’t all, there have been additional claims against him and his team. Some of them are infliction of emotional distress, coercion as well as a fraud and abuse against a vulnerable person. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department did reopen the case at Mayorga’s request in August 2018 but no criminal charges were pressed against him as the case could not be proven beyond a reasonable cloud.


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