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WATCH: Groundhog narrowly escapes Carlos Sainz’s car during Canadian GP Practice

Max Verstappen led the grid as he was 0.246s faster than Carlos Sainz who finished in the second place.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Published on - 18 June 2022 6:57 pm

As certain Formula 1 tracks have long-standing traditions of making the races there extremely special. Similarly, the Canadian Grand Prix held on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve also holds an extremely unique tradition that often wreaks havoc on the track. This tradition is about the groundhogs who love running around the circuit. 

So like clockwork as the F1 returned to Canada, for the ninth race of the season, these groundhogs made their presence felt. Especially in the first free practice of the weekend, Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz nearly missed hitting a hog. The resident rodent also managed to evade Estaban Ocon’s Alpine. 

I’m doing some progress and I think sooner or later it’s going to come: Sainz

After the practice session, Sainz talked about the team’s performance in the 2022 season as they have taken a sudden dip after a blistering start to the season. The team was dealing with several reliability issues and also suffered a double DNF in the previous race at the Baku GP in Azerbaijan. 

Sainz said, “About the year, yeah, it hasn’t been an easy year for me, it’s not a secret, but I’ve talked about it already so much that I think you know why, and why I’ve been through some struggles with this year’s car and why I’m not performing at the level that I wish I was and I’m not feeling as comfortable as last year when I was neck and neck with Charles [Leclerc], so it will come and I feel like I’m doing some progress and I think sooner or later it’s going to come.”


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