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Picture Credit: IPL

Hardik Pandya is having a great time on the field against Rajasthan Royals in the 24th match of IPL 2022. After scoring a brilliant fifty with the bat (87* off 52 balls), Pandya showed some praiseworthy captaincy skills by making the right field placements and bowling changes. He also showed great athleticism to run out his counterpart in the game, Sanju Samson. Pandya produced a great fielding effort and effected a direct hit to send back Sanju Samson.

In the 8th over of RR innings, Pandya hit the bullseye to find Samson short of the white line. On the third delivery off the over, Ferguson bowled a full ball with sheer pace (150.4 kph). Samson drove the ball with ease towards the mid-off fielder and tried to sneak a quick single. But the Gujarat captain was spot on with his effort as he picked the ball and threw it to rattle the stumps.

Such was the power behind that throw from Hardik Pandya that the stump split into two parts. The middle stump broke into pieces and had to be replaced with a new one.

Watch Pandya's bullet throw here: