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Ishan Kishan is one of those cricketers who stay focused on the field but are quite chill off it. The wicketkeeper batter is known for his aggressive shots as well as for his witty style of conduct. He showed a glimpse of how fun-loving he is on an episode of the chat show, Breakfast with Champions.

The Mumbai Indian player talked about his life journey and how he reached the international level. Kishan also talked about his relationship with his Indian teammates. He revealed how Rishabh Pant and he enjoy each other's company. Kishan also made a surprising revelation about Sanju Samson.

Kishan said that Samson is the complete opposite character of how he looks on the field. He revealed that humour comes built-in for Samson and also imitated the latter's laughing style. While no one knew how true were the claims made by Kishan about Samson, the truth was revealed when the Kerala cricketer also came on the show.

Samson was also invited on the same show where he talked about his life journey. And in-between the questions, Samson showed his unique laughing style which was almost the same Kishan had shown earlier. It was also found out that humour indeed comes built-in for Samson.

I'd never thought I will bat with Rahul Dravid: Samson

Coming to the episode where Samson talked about his journey, the Indian cricketer revealed how it felt for him to share the pitch with Rahul Dravid when he was at Rajasthan Royals. Samson said it was one of the special moments in his life and he never thought he would get a chance to bat with one of the legends of the game.

"I'd never thought that I will bat with Rahul Dravid. In my first or second game for Rajasthan, I went one-down to bat when Rahul sir was opening. I knew I was sent to keep the runs coming. I played the first ball for a boundary then Rahul Sir came and said 'Sanju take your time'. The next ball was a bouncer and pulled it somehow for another boundary. He then came and said 'Keep going, keep going'," revealed Sanju Samson.