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WATCH: Ja Morant misses last-second layup as Golden State Warriors beat Memphis in second playoff round

Golden State Warriors defeated the Memphis Grizzles 117-116.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 2 May 2022 4:29 pm

With the second round of the playoffs underway, the Golden State Warriors stole the home-court advantage from Memphis Grizzles as they defeated them 117-116. The game was extremely intense with both rosters playing great basketball as it went right down the wire. In the end, the more experienced Warriors prevailed and took the win.

But with the last play of the game, Memphis had a chance to get ahead as Dillion Brooks found Ja Morant for a layup which the 2022 Most Improved Player missed. Morant ended the game with 34 points and 10 assists. Similarly, just seconds before the miss, Klay Thomson had drilled an incredible three-pointer and put the dubs ahead. He then was one of the key defenders who contested Morant during this layup.

Memphis coach Taylor Jenkins addressed the final possession of the game and said, “Ja to go make a play, Got a great look. It just didn’t happen to go in.” Similarly, Grizzlies forward Jaren Jackson Junior supported his teammate and said, “I’ve seen Ja make that layup thousands of times. Even more times in the clutch. It’s a shot he can make in his sleep. … I’m with that shot every day of the week”.

GSW point guard, Stephen Curry opened up about the win and said, “The core, we’ve got championship DNA, and we wanted to utilize that. At this stage, that’s what it’s all about. Never let go of the rope in terms of feeling like you’re out of a game. Big win for us.”


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