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WATCH: Jurgen Klopp and Calvin Harris share hilarious interaction at Liverpool’s parade

Liverpool ended their season with two titles in the 2021-22 season winning the League Cup and FA-Cup.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 31 May 2022 6:00 pm

Liverpool celebrated their incredible 2021-22 season with an open bus parade across the city. The parade included a special guest world-renowned DJ and long-time Reds fan, Calvin Harris, who was performing for the team. During these celebrations, Calvin Harris got a chance to share a funny interaction with Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp that went viral on social media. 

Klopp walked up to Harris, he said: “Good to see you, Hello. Have heard a lot about you. You a fan of Robbo (Andrew Robertson)? To which, Harris replied, “Yeah”. Then Klopp made a sarcastic remark, saying: “Don’t know what it says about you really,” as both individuals burst into laughter. 

“This is the best club in the world – I don’t care what other people think!” – Klopp 

The German strategist expressed his surprise by the reaction of the crowd at the parade and expressed, “I wasn’t sure what we can expect. We spoke about it before, ‘What do we do?’ You have to plan this kind of thing. You can’t just decide to have a parade. But I hoped that we find something like this, it’s absolutely incredible.”

He then talked about how Liverpool has been the best club in the world because of the fans. He said, “Without a shadow of a doubt, no club in the world – this world – that they lost the Champions League final the night before and the people arrive here in the shape they are, the mood they are. Absolutely outstanding. This is the best club in the world – I don’t care what other people think!”

Klopp also asked his players to enjoy the parade after a gruelling season. He said, “That’s the biggest sign you can give to the world. Yes, we won two competitions, great, but we didn’t win the last two – and these people don’t forget, they know exactly what a shift the boys put in. Absolutely incredible. It’s such a boost for everything that will come. Unbelievable.”


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