Picture Credit: IPL/BCCI

The match no. 13 in IPL 2021 saw the finalists of last year clashing against each other in Chennai. With so many star players in action, there was no doubt that it is going to be a high-voltage contest. After Dwayne Bravo's actions in the match against Rajasthan Royals reignited the debate of 'mankading', MI all-rounder Kieron Pollard also expressed his stance on the same on Tuesday, not by words but by actions.

Pollard issues a warning to Gabbar

With the match evenly poised after 9 overs, Kieron Pollard took the ball in hand. As he ran to bowl his first delivery, the 33-year-old stopped as he saw Shikhar Dhawan taking a step ahead at the non-striker's end. While Gabbar stepped out of the crease only at the last moment, it was enough for Pollard to stop and issue a warning. It looked like the West Indies cricketer wanted to tell, "I won't do it but please stay inside."

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While the warning did not seem to trouble Dhawan, it definitely made some impact on Steve Smith as he was adjudged LBW two deliveries later. The crucial wicket brought MI back into the match and set up a thrilling finale in Chennai.