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WATCH: Lewis Hamilton reveals three young drivers he invited to 2022 British Grand Prix

Hamilton also has multiple initiatives like Mission 44 foundation for the upliftment of the underrepresented in his country.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 18 July 2022 1:33 pm

Lewis Hamilton

Seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton has recently revealed on Twitter that he had invited three young talented drivers from England to the Silverstone track during the 2022 British Grand Prix. These drivers were Cordell, Miles Harrison and Joshua Bugembe.

Cordell started watching F1 when he was a child and entered karting at the age of six. The other two drivers are Miles Harrison and Joshua Bugembe, who have won 60 and 40 trophies respectively. These three young drivers were extremely happy about the opportunity.

Lewis Hamilton has been one of the active athletes for using his platform to create change in his community. He recently published a report that aimed at improving the representation of black people in UK motorsports. 

While speaking about the paper, Lewis Hamilton said, “I am proud to have published The Hamilton Commission report, Accelerating Change: Improving Representation of Black People in UK Motorsport, alongside The Royal Academy of Engineering. Through this report, I feel that we have a clearer understanding of what is preventing the motorsport industry from being truly representative. I am committed to turning these recommendations into action and making real, lasting change for the better.”

He also has a foundation called Mission 44 in collaboration with Mercedes and Sky which strives to support the underrepresented youth in England. Talking about the foundation, He said, “Supporting the ambitions of underrepresented young people has always been important to me and Mission 44 represents my commitment to create real change within this community,” said Hamilton.

“In my early life, I experienced first-hand how coming from an underrepresented background can affect your future but, luckily for me, I was able to overcome those odds through opportunity and support. I want to ensure that other young people from similar backgrounds are able to do the same,” he continued. 


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