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WATCH: Linesman gets hit by an item thrown from stands during Bundesliga; match gets abandoned straightaway

Christian Gittelmann, the assistant referee, was taken to the hospital after the incident.

Rohan Gulaty Author

Updated - 21 March 2022 10:21 am

In a shocking sequence of events during Bundesliga game between VFL Bochum and Borussia Monchengladbach, the match was called off after 70 minutes. It all happened when someone from the crowd threw an item, presumably a beer cup, towards the linesman who got struck on the back of head.

The assistant referee looked in slight discomfort after getting hit and in a matter of no time, the players of both sides gathered around the area to lash out at the fans. As the home side VFL Bochum were losing the match by 0-2, it seemed like some supporters could not accept the score-line which led to this unacceptable act.

The players of home team were visibly upset and disappointed by the behaviour of their supporters and had a few angry words to say to them. After a couple of minutes, the referees decided to abandon the match with conditions being deemed unsafe to continue.

Watch the video here:

Assistant referee Christian Gittelmann was taken to the hospital after the incident and although he was not seriously injured, he needed some medical attention after getting bruised by the beer cup.

They are individual idiots who are dragging the club’s image down: Bochum CEO

It was indeed an embarrassing incident for the German club Bochum since their fans had let them down on the day. Club’s CEO Hans-Peter Villis was expectedly livid with the small group of people who were the culprits.

Talking about them, he said, “I haven’t had anything like that in 55 years at VfL Bochum. I’m p*ssed off. There are a few fans here who don’t have their hands and their brains under control. But they are individuals. That’s not the behavior of VfL. They are individual idiots who are dragging the club’s image down.”

“You have to look at the context: there’s a war in Ukraine, we’re wearing a special jersey, everything to make our contribution. And there are people sitting and deliberately throwing a beer mug. How stupid can you be?” he added.

The case is being investigated and DFB will soon disclose the sanctions against Bochum (home team) and their fans, if required, while also revealing if the match will resume to complete remaining 20 minute or if it will be awarded to Monchengladbach (who were leading by 2-0).


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