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Football fans around the world can be dubbed a species in themselves. This is because not only do they have the love for the game as a common characteristic, they are all generally very passionate and fun-loving people. There have been several instances of fans backing their team and even applauding the rival team for their brand of sport. However, when one's team is doing well, fans are more often than not in a jovial mood.

The world is a lovely place to be in for Manchester City fans. And one such fan decided to have some fun prior to the club's FA Cup encounter against Swindon Town on Friday. The supporter casually walked up near the pitch and went to the part of the stadium where a member of the press was sitting. He then "pressed" his jacket. Later he could be seen explaining with a smile: "It says press." The video went viral in no time.

Check it out here:

As far as the match is concerned, despite being hit by COVID-19 and even being without their manager Pep Guardiola, the Premier League front-runners registered a comfortable 4-1 win in this encounter. 19-year-old midfielder Cole Palmer was the star of the match as he scored one goal and set up another. This was Palmer's first FA Cup appearance as he was handed a start with several first-team players out with COVID.

"He is a great player who is still developing quite a lot, but there is a lot of talent there," City's assistant manager Rodolfo Borrell told ITV Sport.

"Hopefully very soon he can play more games with us like [team-mate and England midfielder] Phil Foden a couple of years ago," he added.

"They are completely different players. Phil Foden has had more opportunities and he is established. Cole has the talent and ingredients," he further said.

Other than Palmer, who scored the last of the 4 goals, Bernardo Silva, Gabriel Jesus and Ilkay Gundogan scored for City. Harry McKirdy scored a consolation goal for the side ranked 72 places below City in the English football pyramid.