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Picture Credit: Twitter

As Manchester United’s under-18 squad defeated Nottingham Forest in the final of the u-18 FA Cup in an Old Trafford with  67,492 roaring fans. The Red Devils registered a 3-1 victory which was capped off by goals by captain Rhys Bennett and a double by Alejandro Garnacho. 

The Argentinian opened his account by scoring a penalty in the 77th minute and celebrated the goal in spectacular fashion. Garnacho after the netting the spot-kick ran towards the corner flag and recreated Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘SIU!!’ celebration. 

After the match, Manchester United coach Travis Binnion praised his team and called them ‘special’. He said, “I knew this football club was special, but we've been blown away tonight. The front players in this competition have had all the credit, loads of plaudits - and he [Alejandro Garnacho] has got two goals again tonight - but the back players were immense, including Sonny Aljofree when he came on, and Maxi Oyedele, when he came on,” he continued. 

“Radek Vitek, throughout this tournament, has been exemplary, and for a 16-year-old boy at centre-half to be unfazed [Louis Jackson], I thought he was outstanding. I’m so proud of him and I’m so proud of this football club and the Academy.” 

“It’s a remarkable club to be involved with and I think we need to remind ourselves of that at times. Binnion also felicitated “the character of the boys to overcome the equaliser” and especially praised the team’s defence in the final. “I thought the back-four were immense,” he said.