WATCH: Mark Philippoussis turns tennis court into cricket pitch; hits an outrageous straight drive with racket

MS Dhoni would certainly be proud of the shot as the use of wrists to play the straight drive was very similar to that of former Indian captain.

Rohan Gulaty Author

Updated - 16 July 2021 9:00 pm

The sport of tennis often produces some unbelievable moments of brilliance on the court. The players never shy away from amazing the fans with their outrageous skills and abilities. From Novak Djokovic's athleticism to Roger Federer's elegance to Rafael Nadal's forehand, there is always a lot to watch out for when tennis players are at their best. While there is hardly anyone who can match the incredible list of records of the 20-time grand slam winning trio, there are a lot of other talented players in the circuit who can certainly produce some magic on the court.

When it comes to unorthodox play in tennis, there are players like Gael Monfils, Nick Kyrgios and Benoit Paire who stand out. They never fail to entertain the fans in their own ways and can produce some outrageous shots out of nowhere. Another such player who was capable of matching their level of craziness on court was Australia's Mark Philippoussis.

Is that tennis or cricket?

The 44-year-old was another exciting player in tennis who could come up with an audacious moment out of nowhere. Having won two Davis Cup titles with Australia, Philippoussis was also a 2-time Grand Slam finalist (1998 US Open, 2003 Wimbledon). Nicknamed as 'the Scud' for his fearsome serve, the Aussie tennis ace was a fierce competitor.

However, there was one shot in his career that defied all the rulebooks of tennis. In one of the matches, Philippoussis came up with a serve which looked like landed a bit too far resulting in a fault. But it did not stop the player from trying to do something absolutely out of the box. As his opponent returned the ball, Philippoussis turned his racket upside down and hit the ball from the handle (just like cricket) as the ball went over the net for a winner.

Watch the video here:

MS Dhoni would certainly be proud of Philippoussis' crazy shot as the use of wrists to play the straight drive was very similar to that of former Indian captain. As the video goes viral on social media, the fans have flooded the post with messages full of praise for the retired tennis player.