Picture Credit: Twitter

Dallas Mavericks forward Marequese Chriss and Phoenix Suns centre Bismack Biyombo got really intent on getting into a few seconds before the final whistle of Tuesday night's Game 5 between the above-mentioned sides. The players showed the signs of their intensity on the court when they got really chippy with each other after Biyombo got hit on a dunk attempt. However, security had to work hard to separate both even after the match ended.

Both the rivals had to be separated in the locker room tunnel at the end of Game 5 on Tuesday night between the Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns. Biyombo went for a dunk attempt with 2.3 seconds left as Suns were up 108-80. Chriss didn't like seeing Biyombo try to add to the big lead and gave him a hard foul. The players were called for technical fouls and left out, but Chris was seen going after Biyombo in the tunnel to the locker room.

The players had to be kept away before they exchanged any punches. Arena security got into action and showed prompt response as they were able to separate both the players and prevented anything serious. After winning consecutive games, Dallas had the best opportunity to walk into Phoenix and bring a 3-2 lead with them at home turf in Game 6 on Thursday. Instead, the Phoenix Suns has appeared as one of the top teams in the NBA after struggling over the weekend.

Nothing really went Dallas' way on Tuesday after the first quarter. The Mavericks were trailing behind by three points entering halftime but a dismal third period of play saw the Suns create a deficit too large to overcome the rest of the way.

The two will see each other again on Thursday for Game 6, where the Suns can wrap things up and advance to the Western Conference final.