Jordan and Brady web ST

Picture Credit: Twitter

The Miami Grand Prix brought some unforgettable moments off the track as we saw David Beckham playing football with Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton interacting with Michelle Obama, DJ Khaled eagerly waiting to click a picture with Hamilton etc.

But the moment that broke the internet was the meeting of six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan and seven-time NFL champion Tom Brady. Both these GOATs of their own sport made their presence felt throughout the weekend as they interacted with various F1 drivers. 

MJ was seen interacting with Alphaturi’s Pierre Gasly while Tom Brady played golf with Lewis Hamilton. During that golf session, Brady praised Hamilton for winning and dominating all over the world. The former New England Patriots QB said, “Ultimately that’s what it’s all about because you just got to leave always knowing you gave everything you had. I try to tell that to my family, to my kids, sports are hard. You’re going up against the best competition in the world. You’re not supposed to win every time.”

“We have scoreboards. We get to see every week how we did. And every week we get to dig deep on our personalities, on our relationships, and they just hone your skills. Lewis has done that all over the world. Look at F1, what they want to do, on a global scale. I think we try to do that with the people we affect. That’s the bonus, that’s the payoff in sports.”

The Twitterati didn’t hold back on gushing over this meeting of the GOATs in Miami and posted some great tweets throughout the weekend. Check out some reactions here: