Picture Credit: Twitter

Being a celebrity is a boon but also a bane. People look up to celebrities for inspiration and try to get as close as possible to their lives, but this also leads to a lack of privacy for them. And resultantly, they lose cool and end up doing things that they would have avoided. The same happened with champion boxer Mike Tyson on his recent flight.

In a recent video going viral on the internet, a passenger is seen going up to Mike Tyson when the boxer is seen resting in his seat. The young individual is seen chirping something in Tyson's ears and also doing some prank on him. Moments later in the same video, the guy is seen with an injury on his head which he reportedly got after being beaten up by Tyson.

At the end of the video, a glimpse of what transpired between that young boy and Mike Tyson is seen. In the short clip, the former boxer is seen landing a flurry of punches at someone. A guy also tries to stop Tyson and the person recording the video is also heard urging Tyson to stay calm.

Watch the video here:

This viral video left fans divided over what happened was right or not. However, a fan replied "Would any of y’all want some random dopey mf like this playing with you when you’re travelling? Probably not, so he got what he got" on the post.