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WATCH: N Jagadeesan shows middle finger on camera after Baba Aparajith ‘Mankads’ him in TNPL

Narayan Jagadeesan was batting on 25 when he was dismissed by Baba Aprajith.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 24 June 2022 11:30 am

Narayan Jagadeesan

Mankading dismissal, though is legal, it is still seen by some players as against the spirit of cricket. Batters, who get dismissed through mankading, don’t take it sportingly. A similar, incident took place on the opening day of the 2022 Tamil Nadu Premier League during the match between Nellai Royal Kings and Chepauk Super Gillies.

Nellai all-rounder Baba Aprajith was bowling to opposition captain Kaushik Gandhi when he spotted Narayan Jagadeesan moving out of the crease at the non-striker’s end. So without wasting any time, Aprajith, as he went to deliver the ball, clipped off the stumps and dismissed Narayan Jagadeesan. The CSK batter was furious with the way he got dismissed and showed the middle finger to the bowler while walking towards the pavilion. 

Watch the video here:

It’s within the rules: Indrajith

The match ended in a super over where both teams were level at 184 at the end of the stipulated 40 overs. After the game, Royal Kings captain Baba Indrajith commented on the runout.

He said, “We had spoken previously that nobody should take advantage. If in the Super Over with one needed, had we taken advantage it would’ve been unfair. I think Apar [Aparajith] saw Narayan Jagadeesan doing it the previous ball and when he went out of his crease, he ran him out.”

“And everyone knows that the rules have changed and it’s clearly now mentioned that it’s a run-out and not a Mankad so it’s within the rules”.


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