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WATCH: Neymar Jr chips football straight into basketball hoop

The person who took the video was also in shock and said, “Oh my word…!”

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Published on - 6 August 2022 12:06 am

Neymar Jr has been one of the most skillful and dynamic players in world football. He lives up to his Brazilian lineage of being a flamboyant superstar who embraces Joga Bonito, which means “play beautifully. One can often find Neymar dancing down the left wing where pulls out his stepovers, and cutbacks to break top-quality defenders and win games for his team. 

So recently, a video of the Brazillian superstar surfaced where he once again was seen creating magic with the football. Neymar was at a press event in a practice area which also facilitated basketball hoops. So in the video, we see Neymar chip the ball on a half volley straight into the basketball net which is as far as the length of a futsal pitch. The person taking the video is also in shock and says, “Oh my word…!”

Talking about Neymar’s club, Paris Saint Germain, who has recently announced the signing of Portuguese defender Renato Sanches from Lille. The 24-year-old has expressed excitement about playing for the French Champions and feels like he has made the right decision. 

He said, “I’m really happy to have arrived here in Paris. These last few days have been really important for me and for my family. I’m sure that I’ve made the right choice by signing for the club. I chose Paris Saint-Germain because I think that it’s the best project for me. Staying in France was important to me, as I know this league already.”

Sanches also talked about his relationship with the new PSG coach Christophe Galtier, who was his coach in Lille. He said,  “I know him well! He’s a good coach who helped me improve a lot after I came into Ligue 1. Together, we even managed to win the league with Lille. We worked well together, and I’m happy to be working with him again, as well as with his coaching staff. Working with a manager that you know always makes things easier. The communication between you is simpler.”


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