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WATCH: Non-striker reaches middle of the pitch even before ball is bowled in a humorous incident during ECL game

The bowler was quick to notice the non-striker leave the crease and did not release the ball.

Saurabh Ganguly Editor

Updated - 14 March 2022 3:39 pm

Although millions of cricket fans around the world would say that they breathe the game and understand the rules of the sport, in reality, it remains a complex sport. One such grey area in the sport was the rule of “Mankading” wherein the bowler could simply run the non-striker out if the latter had stepped out of his crease before he has delivered the ball to gain an unfair advantage.

While the new set of laws released by the Marylebone Cricket Club suggests that the word Mankading will no longer be used and it would simply be regarded as a “run out”, a hilarious incident happened during the Pak I Care Badalona vs the Punjab Lions Nicosia European Cricket League (ECL) fixture at the Cartama Oval.

In this particular instance, during the last over of the Nicosia innings, the non-striking batter did not just take one or two steps while backing up but almost reached the middle of the pitch before the ball was delivered by Atif Muhammad.

The bowler was quick to notice the non-striker leave the crease and did not release the ball. However, he was generous enough to run the batter out. The left-arm pacer was later seen having a word with the umpire as if to suggest a repeat of the same, and he would just knock the bails off with the ball in his hands.

Check out the video of the incident here:

After the incident though, Roman Mazumder, who was at the striker’s end scored a boundary to take his team’s total to 81. Tejwinder Singh was the top-scorer for Nicosia as he chipped in with 27 runs from 13 balls but his innings went in vain as it was Badalona who emerged as the winners, chasing down the target with 13-balls left. Muhammad Babar was the star with the bat for the winning side, scoring 42 runs from 20 balls.


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