WATCH: Olympic gold medalist Kelsey Mitchell comes up with a hilarious prank during security check in Tokyo

The athlete shared the funny video on her Instagram account with a long message, thanking everyone in Japan.

Rohan Gulaty Author

Updated - 27 August 2021 6:17 pm

The recently-concluded Tokyo Olympics 2020 produced a spectacle of sporting extravaganza with athletes across the globe displaying their skills. However, there were some amazing moments off the field as well which caught everyone's attention. A lot of heartwarming videos of Olympians being received by their kids at airport have been going viral on social media in last few days.

Amid all these, there is one footage which has now caught everyone's attention. The protagonist in the video is Canadian Olympian Kelsey Mitchell, who won gold medal in the cycling sprint at Tokyo 2020. The 27-year-old produced a hilarious prank during a security check in Japan which was confusing and entertaining at the same time for security personnel present there.

When you are a comedian and Olympic gold medalist!

In the video, the athlete can be seen walking through a metal detector and the machine starts to beep as soon as she crosses it. The security personnel gets attentive instantaneously and comes towards her in order to stop her. This is when Kelsey Mitchell reveals the secret behind the sequence of events.

The athlete did some acting to trick everyone in believing that she was not aware about what was happening. However, very quickly, she took out her Olympic gold medal which she had hidden beneath her t-shirt. As soon as she got the medal out, she burst out in laughter, having successfully executed the prank.

What followed was instead quite heartwarming to watch as the security personnel and volunteers present there started to clap. There were applauding the efforts and the remarkable achievement of the cyclist at Tokyo 2020 where she clinched a historic gold medal for Canada.

Kelsey Mitchell shared the video on her Instagram account with a long message, thanking everyone in Japan. In her caption, she wrote, "Shoutout to Japan! I did not see much of this country...I didn't even have sushi!!! BUT the people were INCREDIBLE! So kind, polite, helpful, positive, friendly, AND they even laughed at my jokes (bonus!!)."

Watch the video here:

She added, "Thank you Japan for hosting the Olympics, for allowing people to follow and accomplish their dreams, and to show the world the power of sport!" Towards the end of post, Mitchell also expressed her excitement for Paralympics which has started in Tokyo.

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