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Picture Credit: Instagram/@pierregasly

Formula One has reached the United States for its first-ever Miami Grand Prix, which is scheduled for this weekend. As several legends of the game are all set to visit the Sunday race, F1 drivers have been having a great time meeting American athletes before they get busy with their Grand Prix schedule. After George Russell attended the NBA play-off eastern conference semi-finals between Miami Heats and Sixers, and Lewis Hamilton played golf with Tom Brandy, Pierre Gasly had the best of all as he got once in a lifetime opportunity to have dinner with NBA G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan.

The Frenchman shared the picture with the GOAT and wrote a caption, "an unforgettable dinner." The F1 driver also got his sneakers signed by the legend Michael Jordan and shared the same on social media. Jordan also tried Gasly's Alpha Tauri helmet. "That is going in my safe at home or in my trophy cabinet," a beaming Gasly said on Thursday during a media session at the Hard Rock Stadium. Gasly termed the dinner with the Basketball legend as "one of the best experiences of my life."

The AlphaTauri driver also confessed that Jordan has always inspired him, and his success and mental strength have always motivated him to do well in his career. "Everyone says you should never meet your idol because you can only be disappointed, and to me, it's been the complete opposite. The guy is just a genius. He's in another league, just genius mentality, the way he thinks intellectually," Pierre concluded.

Notably, Jordan owns a NASCAR team and is a keen F1 fan, as Gasly himself was surprised to know how much the former Chicago Bull player knew about the sport.

"I was very, very impressed. I didn't know he's a massive F1 fan; he almost knows the sport better than I do. It was very impressive and just great to discuss with such a legend. A dinner I'll remember for all my life." Responding to queries over racing with Jordan's NASCAR team in future, Gasly laughed and said, "Might happen. Might happen."