WATCH: Protestor parachutes inside the stadium ahead of France vs Germany in EURO 2020

As per reports, the parachuter suffered an ankle injury while landing on the pitch.

Rohan GulatyAuthor

Updated - 16 June 2021 10:46 AM

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Ahead of the final game of Matchday 1 in EURO 2020, there was a lot of excitement with World Champions France getting set to lock horns with star-studded Germany at Allianz Arena. However, something very indifferent happened inside the stadium on Tuesday evening which caught everyone's attention.

Scary moment inside Allianz Arena

As both the teams were warming up few minutes before the kickoff, a protestor flew inside the stadium on a parachute much to everyone's surprise. He narrowly avoided crashing into the crowd and reportedly also caught the spider cam later. Fortunately for everyone, there wasn't any major disaster as the match started on time.

Watch the video here:

Parachuter reportedly suffered injury

None of the lighting crew members notably suffered any injury. However, as per reports, the parachuter did make contact with a woman who suffered a slight injury. It was also told that he broke his ankle while landing on the pitch but nothing has been officially confirmed by the officials yet. There was something related to 'Greenpeace' on his parachute and he was taken off by the security personnel when he crashed onto the pitch. With the act putting all the crowd, staff members and officials in danger, it will be very intriguing to see what kind of punishment the culprit receives.


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