WATCH: Rafael Nadal gets angry despite winning incredible point, vents out his frustration at the referee

It was not the first time that Nadal tripped down at Rome as the same had happened with him during the match against Zverev.

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Updated - 17 May 2021 03:05 AM

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The much-awaited final of the Italian Open between two heavyweights - Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic is living up to the expectations and is proving to be a high-voltage contest. The first set saw a lot of quality tennis and drama on Sunday. While Nadal did come out on top winning the set 7-5, he wasn't the happiest man on the court.

With the first set tied at 3-3, Novak was serving at deuce. It was a crucial point for both players as they were looking to get ahead in the first set. After a wide serve, the Serbian raced to the net and played a fantastic return on the volley which looked like going away from Nadal. However, the Spaniard somehow managed to reach the ball and pulled off one of the passes of the tournament, despite falling down.  While the crowd appreciated the incredible athleticism of Nadal, the 34-year-old was quite angry because of his tumble.

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Why was Nadal angry?

After winning an incredible point, the fans would have thought that the Spaniard would be thrilled but it was not the case. As soon as he fell down, he got up and looked angrily towards the line. It was not the first time that Nadal tripped down in this tournament as the same had happened with him the match against Zverev. "Some lines are higher than the rest of court, so when you touch the line it's dangerous," Nadal had said.

Notably, the court in Rome have plastic lines that are nailed down, instead of painted lines. The reason behind Nadal's falls could be the slightly raised levels of those plastic lines. The world no. 3 also vented out his frustration at the referee reflecting on the same point as he looked visibly upset. Fortunately for Nadal, there was no serious harm done as the match continued after a brief stoppage.


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