Ashwin web ST

Picture Credit: Twitter

There is a lot of emotion involved in live sports. While often athletes have to curb these in order to give their best on the field, there are times especially in team sports when an individual gets to outpour his feelings.

Rajasthan Royals off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin did get one of these opportunities during the match against Kolkata Knight Riders on Monday. While the off-spinner was bowling what was a crucial over in the context of the match, the new man in for KKR, Andre Russell, was going to be the prized wicket for the bowling team as they were chasing a huge target of 218.

But as soon as Ashwin got the wicket of Russell through his carrom ball which turned enough to beat the bat of the West Indian all-rounder and hit the off-stump, the bowler took off on a celebratory run, pointing to himself.

The incident happened in the 4th ball of the 14th over.

Here is the video: