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WATCH: Richard Riakporhe hugs Fabio Turchi after beating the Italian with powerful punch at Wembley

The 32-year-old cleaned up Turchi with a brutal left hook body shot.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 12 June 2022 10:18 pm

British cruiserweight Richard Riakporhe knocked out Fabio Turchi in an IBF eliminator and continued his 15-game winning streak. The 32-year-old cleaned up Turchi with a brutal left hook body shot. Though the Italian beat the count, his trainer ran into the ring and threw in the towel to end the contest. 

Turchi looked extremely dejected with his trainers’ decision of calling off the bout as he sank into the corner. This was the Italian’s second career defeat. But after the referee declared Riakporhe as the winner, the Brit cut short his celebration and consoled his defeated opponent and won hearts. 

“Call me the body snatcher now,” Riakporhe 

During the post-match interview, Riakporhe talked about how he thanked his team for their support and threw light on the plan he had set for this fight. He said, “I feel great, I didn’t have much time to get into it. I landed a good shot and I’m building up the reputation that I’m now the body snatcher. Call me the body snatcher now.

“There were some points I was trying to target, my coaches, are amazing. We had a game plan, keep it long, but look for the opportunity and when you can punish, do it and that’s exactly what I did. I keep telling everyone, I’m the fighter. I’ve had four fights in nine months and want to go out again [later this year]. We’re taking over, all these champions are running scared.” 

“He’s an incredible specimen,” Shalom

Fight Promoter Ben Shalom also praised the Riakporhe and talked about his dominant style of boxing. He said, “He was my first signing and every time he won, people were making an excuse,” said Shalom. “He has just stopped a guy inside three rounds. He’s an incredible specimen and that was his left hand.


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