The third day of the second Test between India and South Africa saw players from both camps exchanging few words during the play. Apart from Jasprit Bumrah and Marco Jansen, India's wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant and South Africa's Rassie van der Dussen were also heard arguing on the stump mic. The talking was probably over van der Dussen's catch controversy in South Africa's first innings.

The two players were heard arguing over the dismissal which ended with Rishabh Pant asking van der Dussen to keep his mouth shut. Pant was heard saying "if you have half-knowledge, keep your mouth shut".

Hear the full conversation here:

If it was not out, van der Dussen should not have walked off: Sunil Gavaskar

Rassie van der Dussen's dismissal became the talk of the town as replays had shown the ball grassing before landing into Rishabh Pant's gloves. However, at that instant, van der Dussen had walked without any resistance. Referring to the same, Sunil Gavaskar while discussing the issue with fellow commentator Mike Haysmanm, said that if van der Dussen felt that he was not out, he should not have walked off the field.

It was rather a controversial decision as two different angles in the replay showed different things. While the front angle showed the ball grassing before landing into Pant's gloves, the side camera showed that the catch was taken cleanly. The talk around it grew to such an extent that South Africa captain Dean Elgar also reached out to the match referee but the on-field umpire's decision stood.

A similar sort of controversy surrounded KL Rahul's dismissal in the second innings where the ball seemed to be touching the grass while Aiden Markram tried to catch it. Rahul was also given out by the umpire and the decision remained the same.