WATCH: Roger Federer fulfills his ‘pinky promise’ of playing against a young fan five years later in Zurich

After the end of the match, Federer and Zizou are seen enjoying two plates of pasta, but the scores are not revealed.

Ritesh PathakAuthor

Updated - 09 August 2022 06:04 PM


Roger Federer is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in the history of tennis. The Swiss professional has won as many as 20 Grand Slam titles and is still to hang his racquet. Federer has established himself as an absolute icon and hence is admired by many young players. Izyan Ahmad, a young tennis player is also a huge fan of Federer, and five years back, he had asked a very innocent question to his idol.

Ahmad had asked Federer at a press conference will the Swiss professional continue to play for eight or nine years more so that he (Ahmad) can play against him (Federer). "Can you please continue to play for eight, or nine years so that I can play you when I go pro?" the boy asked. Federer replied with a "Yes". "Is that a promise?" Ahmad again asked. "Pinky promise," the smiling Swiss said.

The 41-year-old fulfilled his ‘pinky promise’ five years later in a special way. Federer got Izyan Ahmad, who also goes by the name of “Zizou”, to Zurich in the name of training. The boy on the other hand had no idea of what was happening. He arrives at the tennis court with his coach for training. An employee of the club approaches him, saying his manager is a big fan and would like to click a selfie with Zizou.

The boy was taken aback by the request but agrees. Soon, a woman arrived and revealed she was wearing a t-shirt with Zizou's face on it. As soon as a photo of the two is clicked, Zizou hears a group of children chanting his name. It surprises him even more. The employee of the club then takes Zizou to the clay court and says "All the young people watching you playing finally against a worthy opponent. Here is your surprise."

Federer then walks out of a tent and appears in front of the boy who can’t believe his eyes. Zizou then greets his star and agrees to Federer's offer of a quick match. The two then get into action and exchange some exquisite shots. The 20-time Grand Slam champion also complements the young boy saying, “Playing nice Zizou, I like it!”

After the end of the match, Federer and Zizou are seen enjoying two plates of pasta, but the scores are not revealed. The event was organized in partnership with Italian food company Barilla. The video of the sweet encounter has been posted by Barilla on its YouTube channel.


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