When a young player plays for a team, the only thing he craves is some appreciation and motivation for the little things he does on the field. This inspires him to do even better. And Rohit Sharma understands this very well and that is what makes him a phenomenal leader. His ability to make youngsters comfortable has been often praised by experts.

The same was on display during Mumbai Indians' game against Punjab Kings on Wednesday evening. When Dewald Brevis hit Rahul Chahar for 28 runs in five deliveries, Rohit Sharma was watching it closely from the dugout. As soon as he got a chance, he jumped in the middle and went straight to Brevis to congratulate him for his brave batting.

During the first strategic timeout of the Mumbai Indians' innings, Sharma was seen having a chat with 'Baby AB' with a big smile on his face. Sharma also put his hand around Brevis' neck to make him feel comfortable.

Watch the video here:

Brevis Mayhem in Pune!

Coming to Dewald Brevis' mad hitting against one of India's top leg spinners at the moment, Rahul Chahar. In the 9th over MI innings, Mayank Agarwal handed the ball to Chahar hoping for him to provide a breakthrough. Tilak Varma was on the strike. On the first ball, Varma rotated the strike and brought Brevis against Chahar.

The 18-year-old then brought some unbelievable shots to accumulate 28 runs in the next five balls. On the first ball he faced from Chahar, he hit a half-pull straight down the ground for a boundary. On the next ball, Chahar tried to deceive the youngster with a loopy delivery, but it backfired as Brevis hit a six over the long-on.

On the fourth ball, Brevis widened his arc as he hit a six over the wide-long-on fence. With two sixes against him, Chahar tried a half-tracker, but Brevis was ready for it. He went deep into the crease and hit a gigantic six over cow corner to make it three in three. But the best one came on the last ball as Chahar tried to overcorrect himself with a full delivery. Brevis sat back and smoked this one for a huge 112-m six.