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Picture Credit: Twitter

While fans may begin to think that they have seen all that cricket has to offer once they have followed the sport for several years, the sport continues to bring something new that surprises fans. In bizarre visuals during a club cricket match, the play had to be stopped as an unwanted rider was caught casually taking his ride through the middle of the pitch.

What followed was an absolute frenzy as commentators can be seen shouting at the top of their voices in a video that has gone viral of the incident, having received over 28k views on one social media account already. It should be noted that the video has not been verified for credibility but makes for a hilarious view.

Have a look at the video here:

While the video seems to be from a club-level game, such bizarre instances have happened even in higher forms of the game. Not long ago, a first-class cricket match of the esteemed Ranji Trophy in India had to be stopped after a man had driven his car onto the pitch.

The match was being played between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh and even featured some of the international stars with the likes of Gautam Gambhir, Ishant Sharma representing Delhi in this fixture and Suresh Raina playing for Uttar Pradesh. The incident had happened at the Air Force Sports Complex in Palam, Delhi.

At the conclusion of this game, there were voices raised about the safety of these players which continues to remain an issue as there have been several cases of fans breaking security to meet their favourite stars even in international and IPL matches.