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WATCH: Shane Watson and Rishabh Pant indulge in a heated argument during final over no-ball controversy; video surfaces

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 23 April 2022 11:26 am

The game between Delhi Capitals and Rajasthan Royals went down to the wire but ended enthralled in a controversy. The inaugural IPL champions posted a massive 223-run target for Delhi, who also had a formidable batting lineup. The Capitals battled well but lost the game towards the end as they required 36 runs in the last over. 

But still, Rovman Powell continued fighting as he hit three back-to-back sixes in the first three balls of the over. Now, Delhi needed 18 off the last three balls, where RR’s Obed McCoy bowled a full toss that could have been deemed as a no-ball. Powell protested and the controversy erupted as the Capitals dugout also started calling out the umpire for their wrong decision. 

Delhi captain Rishabh Pant asked Powell to come back as a mark of protest when he was confronted by their assistant coach Shane Watson. Both individuals had a heated argument where Pant bowed out and looked extremely disappointed. This argument was followed by another Delhi coach Pravin Ambre entering the field to talk to the umpires about the decision. As this confrontation ended, Powell couldn’t continue his magic and managed only three runs in the remaining three balls as Rajasthan won the match by 15 runs. 

Check the video here:

After the match, Watson deemed the final over a disappointment and said, “It was very disappointing what happened in that last over. Unfortunately, we were in that position in the game where we were not able to put things together long enough throughout that game. And look, in the end, what we at the Delhi Capitals don’t stand for is what happened. The umpire’s decision whether it’s right or wrong, we have to accept it. And someone running on the field is…we can’t accept and well it’s not good enough”.

“In the end, the thing is you’ve got to accept the umpire’s decision whether it’s a good one or a not-so-good one. So in the end we’ve just got to get on with the game. And that’s the thing I was communicating at that point of time as well. To just make sure we get on with the game, whether we agree with a decision or not. Always taught as youngsters that you’ve got to accept the umpire’s decision and that’s what we should have done,” he added.


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