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WATCH: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin destroys Vince McMahon with ‘Stunner’ in WrestleMania 38

The Texas Rattlesnake destroyed Austin Theory with a stunner before sharing a beer with Vince.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 4 April 2022 6:14 pm

WrestleMania 38 has been full of surprises and of the biggest shocks from the event was the return of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on the first day of the event. He had an amazing No Holds Barred match against Kevin Owens. But the Texas Rattlesnake continued showing out at the biggest pro wrestling stage in the world. 

Steve Austin entered the ring after Vince McMahon’s prodigy Austin Theory lost to former NFL player and podcaster Pat Mcafee. After his victory, Mcafee got carried away and then called out Vince McMahon. The 76-year-old was ready as took off his suit and was ready to fight. McMahon stunned the former NFL player and struck him with a clothesline. 

But as McMahon and theory celebrated, the classic glass shattering sound echoed across the AT&T Stadium as the former WWE champion Steve Austin made his way to the ring. The Texas Rattlesnake destroyed Austin Theory with a stunner before sharing a beer with Vince. But Stone Cold soon continued his rampages and presented the Chairman of WWE with another Stunner. 

Moments later, Pat Mcafee got back up and also shared a beer with Stone Cold Steve Austin. But like everyone else in the ring, the Texas Rattlesnake ended Mcafee’s night with a third Stone Cold Stunner. 

Check out Steve Austin’s Stunner to Vince McMahon:

Stone Cold after his match against Kevin Owens had some words of praise for his younger opponent and also thanked all the fans for supporting him in this journey. He said,  “I came here looking for anything. This is where I started. I was lucky enough to finish here. KO is outstanding, and he ran his mouth a little too much, and it caught up with him. But it was really an honour to be here on such a stacked card with so many great matches,” said Steve Austin.

 “You love the crowd, and the guys and girls before me had so many great matches. It’s really hard to follow that, but you live and die by that crowd, and this crowd is so faithful. So rambunctious, they are behind everything you do.”



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