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WATCH: Tobi Amusan, Armand Duplantis break world record at World Athletics Championships 2022

Amusan broke the world record by completing the race in 12.12 seconds in the semi-final.

Tanishq Sharma Author

Published on - 25 July 2022 1:11 pm

Nigeria’s Tobi Amusan and Sweden’s Armand Duplantis broke the world records in women’s 10m hurdles and men’s pole vault events respectively in the ongoing World Athletics Championships 2022 on Sunday. Both the athletes have claimed gold medals in their respective events.

Earlier, Amusan broke the world record by completing the race in 12.12 seconds in the semi-final at Hayward Field and later went on to win the gold medal in 100m hurdles event. Her gold medal run was initially announced as the world record, clocking 12.06 seconds. However, it was overturned as the wind speed exceeded the legal limit.

After winning the gold, Amusan said, “The goal was to come out and to win this gold. I believe in my abilities but I was not expecting a world record at these championships. You know, the goal is always just to execute well and get the win. So the world record is a bonus.”

On the other hand, Armand Duplantis broke his own world record to claim his first pole vault world title in Eugene. He created the world record by jumping 6.21m and win the title as well. During the event on Sunday, the 22-year-old Swedish broke another record of more than 6m clearances in history with 6.00m, 6.06m and 6.21m.

After his record breaking win, Duplantis said, “Actually, I did not think about the record that much today. Usually, it is always somewhere in the back of my mind but today I was really focused on the win and I really wanted to win the gold so badly. It was the medal I was missing.”

“So when I was on this height, it was like everything came together and it happened from there. I love jumping in Eugene and it was amazing here”, he further stated.

Women’s 800m runner Athing Mu, who is 20 years, 1 month and 17 days old, has become the youngest woman in history to have won Olympic and world titles in an individual track and field event. The American runner won the gold, clocking 1 minute 56.30 seconds.


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